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“Fines for noncompliance. Yes, fines!

For example, a large US retailer with $ 75 billion in global revenues in 2018 could be sanctioned with ... $ 3 billion! Even if your company does not have income, the fine could be up to 20 million euros (about 22 million US dollars) I hope I have your attention now”.

“A professional advice: if you call the lawyer of your company and he/she responds with something like “GDPR-what?” Then they are probably not ade quately qualified, at least not yet”.

Senior Security Researcher

Why should I certify?

European companies can only exchange data with North American companies certified with Privacy Shield. The sanctions can reach 20,000,000 euros, or 4% of its business, and even the closure of its activity. Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Any citizen can report you. The company must provide evidence that it complies.

ANF AC, Qualified CA

1º Recognized Electronic Signature

Only the use of instruments issued by accredited CAs, guarantees the legal evidence. The electronic certificate issued by accredited CAs is equivalent to the passport or identity card. The collection by banking means in the area SEPA -Single Euro Payments Area- is regulated and obligates the identification of the parties -creditor and debtor-.


2º Privacy Shield

In order to benefit from the Privacy Shield, companies must be certified by the United States Department of Commerce.

This allows European companies to exchange data without fear of serious actions.